Senior Vice President Election and Election Commission Regulations

Senior Vice President Election and Election Commission Regulations

The Senior Vice President shall be qualified as a full-time member who meets the requirements of No. 1 and 2 below.

  • ① A full-time member of a different institution or a member who has been recommended by more than 30 lifetime members.

  • ② Members who have served as vice president of the Korean Society of Information Technology and have paid lifetime dues. (Based on the announcement date for the election of senior vice president)

2. The electoral method is as follows.

  • (1) Direct voting: Registers of candidates recommended by the permanent members shall be elected by direct election of executives at the executive meeting.

    (Officialsare permanent members, chairmen (but) and vice chairmen, rank directors and auditors.)

3. Organizing and managing the Election Commission

  • (1) The Election Commission shall consist of nine permanent members.
    (Excluding the case of a senior vice president candidate registrar)

  • (2) The Chairman of the Election Commission shall be the Chairman of the Standing Board.

  • (3) The Election Commission shall recommend to an executive meeting after the review of the qualifications of the Senior Vice President (Candidate).

4. The submission documents for candidate registration are as follows.

  • ① Hysteretic Part 1 with photo

  • ② Plan for the Development of Academic Society

  • ③ letter of recommendation

  • ※ ubmission documents for registering as a candidate for the Senior Vice President shall be completed using the form of The Korean Institute of Information Technology and shall be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs, or by registered mail.

5. The date of announcement for election of the Senior Vice President shall be October 1st every year.

  • (Subject 1) This Regulation shall take effect on 1 November 2004.
  • (Subject 2) This Regulation shall go into effect as of December 1, 2012.
  • (Subject 3) This Regulation shall take effect as of September 30, 2013.
  • (Subject 4) The amended articles of association at the Board of Directors on Dec. 19, 2019 shall take effect on Dec. 20, 2019
    upon the decision of the General Assembly.

* Check the number of candidates after receiving the documents and post the detailed election schedule on the notice on the association's website.

* Attachment: 1. Hysteretic form 2. Form of plan for academic development 3. Recommendation form